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Shinrin Yoku Association (SYA) serves as a trusted provider of trainings for schools and universities

Shinrin Yoku Association (SYA) serves as a trusted provider of trainings for schools and universities, offering valuable programs to integrate Shinrin Yoku into educational settings. Our trainings are designed to equip teachers, professors, and educators with the knowledge and tools to incorporate nature-based practices into their curriculum and create meaningful learning experiences for students.

SYA’s training programs for schools and universities can take various forms, depending on the specific needs and goals of the educational institution. Here are a few examples of how these trainings could look:

  1. Professional Development Workshops: SYA conducts workshops and training sessions for teachers and educators, introducing them to the principles and practices of Shinrin Yoku. Participants learn how to incorporate nature-based activities and mindfulness techniques into their teaching methodologies, fostering a deeper connection between students and the natural environment.

  2. Curriculum Integration Support: SYA provides guidance and support to educational institutions in integrating Shinrin Yoku into their existing curriculum. Our experts collaborate with teachers and professors to develop nature-centered lessons, projects, or field trips that align with specific subjects or learning objectives.

  3. Nature Retreats and Experiential Learning: SYA organizes nature retreats or experiential learning programs for schools and universities. These immersive experiences allow students to engage in Shinrin Yoku practices firsthand, deepening their understanding of the natural world and its impact on well-being. Facilitated by certified guides, these retreats offer a unique opportunity for students to connect with nature, reduce stress, and enhance their overall learning experience.

  4. Research and Case Studies: SYA collaborates with educational institutions to conduct research studies on the benefits of incorporating Shinrin Yoku in academic settings. By collecting data and analyzing the impact of nature-based practices on students’ well-being, cognitive abilities, and academic performance, we aim to contribute to the growing body of evidence supporting the integration of Shinrin Yoku in education.

Through these trainings and collaborations, SYA aims to create a positive impact on students’ mental health, foster a sense of connection with nature, and promote holistic well-being within educational environments. By incorporating Shinrin Yoku into schools and universities, we believe in cultivating a generation of individuals who appreciate and value the natural world while nurturing their own mental and emotional well-being.

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