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Establishing Ethical Standards Framework for Education

The Shinrin Yoku Association (SYA) is a leading institution dedicated to establishing and maintaining an Ethical Standards Framework for education, facilitating the development of proficient Shinrin Yoku Guides and Instructors.

The SYA’s mission revolves around fostering an understanding and appreciation of the practice of Shinrin Yoku, or “forest bathing”, a Japanese practice that encourages individuals to immerse themselves in nature to boost health and well-being.

The Ethical Standards Framework is a comprehensive guide that serves as a foundation for education and training programs. It outlines a set of principles and guidelines that ensure the integrity and professionalism of all individuals involved in teaching and practicing Shinrin Yoku. The framework is designed to uphold the highest ethical standards in the following areas:

  1. Respect for Nature: Emphasizes the importance of maintaining a deep respect for nature and promoting sustainable practices that protect and preserve natural environments.

  2. Professional Conduct: Guides behavior in professional settings to maintain the dignity and reputation of the practice of Shinrin Yoku. This includes principles of confidentiality, honesty, and integrity.

  3. Inclusivity and Accessibility: Encourages practitioners to create a welcoming environment for all individuals, regardless of their race, ethnicity, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, or physical ability.

  4. Continuous Learning: Encourages continual professional development and learning to keep up with the latest research and best practices in Shinrin Yoku.

To become a certified Shinrin Yoku Guide or Instructor, individuals must undergo an intensive training program that adheres to the Ethical Standards Framework. The curriculum includes both theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary for leading others in Shinrin Yoku practices. Topics covered include forest therapy science, mindfulness techniques, group leadership skills, emergency first aid in wilderness settings, and the ethics and responsibilities of a Shinrin Yoku practitioner.

Upon successful completion of the training program, the Shinrin Yoku Association awards certification to the new Guides and Instructors, who are then qualified to lead individuals and groups in Shinrin Yoku experiences.

Through its Ethical Standards Framework, the Shinrin Yoku Association ensures that all practitioners uphold the highest standards of professionalism and respect for nature, fostering a global community of Shinrin Yoku practitioners dedicated to promoting health and well-being through immersive experiences in nature.

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